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Joy Beans Coffee now available wholesale through Unique Health Products!

If you had told us a year ago that we’d be partnering with a nation wide distributor to sell Joy Beans Coffee– we’d have thought you were crazy!! Not only is this distributor nation wide, they are regarded as the best in the business, servicing over 4,000 shops across Australia. That’s right – Unique Health Products is now stocking Joy Beans coffee. How exciting!

My first conversation with the people of Unique blew my mind. I had spoken to several distributors around the country, and the moment I spoke to Harmony at Unique, I knew there was something different about this company. I knew they were a perfect fit for our Fairtrade, Organic coffee. Their personal approach, human dialect (no scary robots here!), and love of all things healthy and organic was inspiring.

At Joy Beans, we see ourselves as completely different to any other coffee company. We are fresh, innovative, dedicated to making a difference, and we like to have FUN with ourselves! Our entire reason for existing is to give back to the communities we travelled through in Latin America. Philanthropy is at our core. When we started sharing this vision with the people at Unique – they got it. They got us. It was like meeting kindred spirits!

If you want to wholesale the freshest (and most beautifully packaged!) coffee brand in Australia, all of which is exclusively fairtrade and organic – speak to us directly through email, or phone us 1 300 52 55 99. If you are already purchasing through Unique, give them a ring on 1 800 787 904 or check out their super easy to navigate website: and ask for Joy Beans coffee.

Welcome to the Joy Beans family Unique Health Products! We’re so proud to be working with you, and are looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship as we spread the JOY throughout Australia!

Patty x

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