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4 common myths about decaf!

Joy Beans Organic Coffee Roasters

Myth 1. Decaf contains harsh or harmful chemicals: While it’s true that many decaffeination processes employ chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean, Coffee decaffeinated with SWISS WATER® Process does not. We use water from the coast mountains of British Columbia to remove the caffeine. Again, not all coffee without caffeine is created equal, so learn to ask the right questions to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Myth 2. Decaf tastes funny: Some chemical methods to remove caffeine from coffee (see myth 1) may subtly alter the coffee’s taste. (Ethyl acetate, for example, can leave an apple note.) But that is not an issue when you drink quality coffee that has had its caffeine removed in a non-chemical way, such as with SWISS WATER® Process decaf coffee. When it’s done like this, the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics are not altered, and all you taste is great coffee. Ask around at your favourite coffee shops about the type of beans they use, and the type of decaf process. It can make a huge difference.

Myth 3. Coffee’s health benefits come from caffeine: Actually, most of the health benefits derived from coffee come from the antioxidants effect of the polyphenols contained within the coffee, regardless of whether there is caffeine in it or not. In fact, some of the health benefits are even stronger when the caffeine has been removed. See our blog post about how drinking coffee can make you live longer.

Myth 4. Even decaf contains a significant amount of caffeine: Coffee decaffeinated with SWISS WATER® Process is actually 99.9 percent caffeine free – that is certainly not enough residual caffeine to keep you up at night.

So go ahead, armed with all this information, and head to your favourite café. Try going late in the evening, and order a cup of really good coffee – one that happens to have no caffeine. We think the coffee lover in you will be pleasantly surprised.

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