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Joy Beans grew from a love of travel through remote villages where families brew coffee grown on their own farms; through towns where the local cafes serve their neighbours’ beans. Every town, city, and country lends itself to an entirely different flavour.



When we decided to leave it all behind, grab some backpacks and travel around the world, we had no idea what adventures or experiences we'd encounter...and that was exciting.  

We left Australia and travelled through Hawaii, the Rocky Mountains of Canada, then onto California, Central America and South America.  It was a trip that changed our lives.  

We stopped for seven weeks at Mision Mexico in Tapachula, Mexico (read more here) and it was then that the idea of Joy Beans coffee was born.  We wanted to create something that would highlight the work of Mision Mexico, while at the same time provide an ongoing source of revenue to help in the running of this children's refuge.  

That was just the start.

The more we travelled, the more we saw not only beautiful and inspiring places, but more and more communities and people we wanted to help.  We visited numerous coffee farms and met the growers, tasted cup after cup of freshly roasted coffee, and listened to the stories of countless locals telling us about their lives and experiences. 

We left wanting to share this experience, and bring it back to you.  The experience of tasting Single Origin coffee grown, sourced, and roasted with love.  It is our hope that while enjoying your Joy Beans coffee, you will take the time to reflect on your life and how you can make a positive difference in this world.

With love,

Ben & Patty

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