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Why Organic Coffee?

Joy Beans is exclusively organic coffee. What does that mean? It means every coffee bean we will ever produce and sell will be organic. It means we don’t have an organic “range” like some companies, who think: “if we give people an organic option, we will sell more coffee and look better in the public eye”…while the rest of the coffee they sell isn’t organic.

We believe if you’re going to be committed to something, be committed! It just doesn’t make sense to us to sit on the fence - either you believe in organic products and the environmental, social, and health benefits, or you don’t.

So…why choose organic coffee? Have a look at the list below for a few reasons:


  • Reduce chemical runoff and residues in drinking water, waterways and coastal areas. Runoff is the main cause of diminishing marine life, animals and plants. Approximately 30 000 tonnes of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators are used each year in Australia (OzProspect, 2003).

  • Organic food is produced using sustainable farm methods that imitate natural ecological processes (ACO).

  • Organic agriculture can strengthen the local environment's resistance to disease

  • Organic coffee can promote forest preservation – especially if it is shade grown (which many organic coffee farms are)

  • Bird populations thrive in the natural coffee environment – keeping insect numbers low and naturally fertilising the soil


  • Many food additives have been linked with symptoms such as allergic reactions, rashes, headaches, asthma, growth retardation and hyperactivity in children (Heaton, 2004).

  • Abnormal neurodevelopment in children can be caused or made worse by prenatal and early life exposures to pesticides and chemicals that contaminate our food (Guillette, et al., 1998).

  • Selecting organic foods also means you can avoid eating up to two kilograms of food additives each year, and minimise your risk of exposure to pesticides in food.

Thanks to Australian Certified Organic for the information! To read and learn more, visit

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