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Joy Beans grew from a love of travel through remote villages where families brew coffee grown on their own farms; through towns where the local cafes serve their neighbours’ beans. That is why a percentage of profits goes back to children's charities in coffee growing regions.


We source the best organic and fairtrade coffee from around the world.  Our roasting process ensures we bring out the unique flavour of each bean from each country. So if you need wholesale supply for your cafe or that perfect blend for a coffee at home, we would love you to try our coffee.


Your coffee our passion. 

Proudly served at these innovative cafes

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Dunn and Walton

A certified organic shop that specialises in unique, specialty goods.


DW has been at the top of the organic game for over 20 years and is leading the way for innovation in organics and specialty produce.


Espresso 79

Exploring Australia in their amazing setup, you must follow Andrew and Jenelle as they see beautiful sites, meet amazing locals, and serve up award winning coffee.


Bay Organics

An organic cafe and community in Toowoon Bay, Central Coast, just a few minutes walk from the beach.

A focus on sustainable practices, organic produce and most importantly, good products. 

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